This page is intended to provide timely information to realtors to assist you in all property transactions within The Lakes. 

We welcome your comments and suggestions.  Feel free to contact the Board at any time to submit your comments, questions, or concerns. (A link is provided below)

The following are some topics that should be addressed whenever property is transacted within The Lakes:

Please advise all prospective buyers that The Lakes is a subdivision governed by Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions and provide a copy for their review.   Annual dues are $975.00 per property owner, paid in January of each year.  A one-time gatehouse assessment of $300 is due by each new buyer, upon act of sale.  Every new homeowner/resident must receive a copy of the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions prior to the Act of Sale.

There is a fine for cutting down unapproved healthy trees which starts at $1,000 for the first tree and increases by $1,000 per tree thereafter.

Due to clearance restrictions, all 18 wheel Moving Vans must be instructed to exit through the entrance gate!

A checklist of these items are shown on the right.  Actual copies of the Property Transaction Acknowledgement Letter, Covenants, and Deed Restrictions may be printed by clicking on the appropriate item on the right.

Thank you for your cooperation in these matters.  If you would like to contact the Board, click on the link below:




The following instructions are intended to assist realtors and title companies guide prospective property owners through the process of acquiring property in The Lakes.  The primary steps are:

  • Print, distribute & sign Property Transaction Acknowledgement Letter
  • Provide buyers with Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions
  • $300 Gatehouse assessment due at closing
  • Prorated amount of $975 annual dues due at closing
  • Inform Lakes Board Treasurer of property transaction
  • Gatehouse Policy
  • Gate Remotes are $45.00.
  • All 18 wheel moving vans must be instructed to exit the subdivision through the entry gate
  • Welcoming/Directory contact:
    Rodney Durst  624-2900
  • Gate Remotes contact:
    Rodney Durst  624-2900.

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